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The Meaning of Success

When we hear the word success, the first thing that comes to our mind is money.  We think success means a big house, a sports car, branded clothes, and accessories, but it is not. Success is a feeling. We can only feel it but can't see it.  When we want to see success, we end up seeing the lavies lifestyle of people thinking this is what success is. Success doesn't mean rich. What is success? We know success is a journey, not a destination.  Success is like climbing a mountain peak. Maybe, the peak is not the end of the struggle, but the journey itself is beautiful. I have seen people leaving a comfortable job to follow their passion.  I have also seen people doing jobs but sacrifice their evenings and weekends to follow their passion. The pain and pleasure, the clarity and confusion, the highs and lows, the yeses and nos, the struggle, the hustle, the feeling of uncertainty, having fear in mind, and courage in the heart we are doing our work, for me this journey is a success.